Wildtree by Megan Rogers


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We specialize in helping families put a healthy meal on their table in 20 minutes or less! Wildtree is a 20 year old organic food product company with a full line of mixes, seasonings, sauces, dressings and more! Based out of Rhode Island, Wildtree was founded by a mother with children that had food allergies and type 1 diabetes. Wildtree is based on the premise that food should be natural, delicious and easy to prepare. Our products are made from the finest ingredients available and bottled in the US! The Wildtree line isn’t “pre-packaged meals” nor does it include the fresh proteins (meat and fish), dairy and eggs. Items are used in the preparation of your meals at home or at a Wildtree Workshop…which can usually be created in 15-20 minutes. Talk about quick and easy! Contact me today to fill your pantry & freezer with these simple, healthy mealtime solutions!


Online anytime, in home consultations & workshops by appointment.


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